Scott Evans & Jane Evans


Founded in 1998, Design 360° is led by a down-to-earth husband and wife team, dedicated to helping organizations that make the world a better place build their brands. Bottom line – we’re good people who want to help other good people make a big impact. We truly care about seeing our clients succeed because we believe in what they stand for. And we’re committed to keeping things honest, focused and thoughtful every step of the way.

Taking a 360° approach to branding, we’ll help you deliver a message that not only informs, but touches the hearts of your audience. Our minds are open. Our skills are sharp. And with decades of industry experience to back it all up, we have the connections, the know-how and the means to make big things happen.

By keeping our firm closely managed, we are able to give you our unmatched personal attention and the agility to react to any situation. We have the flexibility to custom tailor services to your needs, and the creative thinking needed to maximize your budget.